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Position Name:

Technical Support

Nature of the work:

Full time





Working years:


Release time:

2021-10-28 15:47

Number of recruits:




Job Responsibilities:

1. Use Wangwang and other online chat tools to communicate with customers, guide and promote transactions;

2. Professional recommendation and shopping guide, patient and meticulous sales of goods, and guide buyers to pay;

3. Use the internal system to follow up on the payment, modification and delivery of the order;

4. Establish customer files, maintain customer relationships, conduct regular or irregular return visits and greetings, and promote secondary sales;

5. Responsible for the reception and handling of customer's simple inspection problems;

6. Obey and cooperate with the work arrangement of the superior.

job requirements:

1. Workers who have worked in Taobao/Tmall related customer service are preferred;

2. Understand the shopping process and rules of Tmall or other e-commerce platforms;

3. Fast typing speed, more than 50 words per minute;

4. Patience and stability;

5. Have a good sense of service.

Familiar with computer peripheral products is preferred!